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I'd Like A Child-Proof Wireless Mouse
Thursday, September 21, 2000 -
by George Wagner

There are many rumors bouncing around regarding Apple’s future products. Some are pretty far-fetched, while others sound quite believable. One such rumor is the wireless mouse.

The wireless mouse has long been a desire for users, whether in a presentation setting or just for the pleasure of not having a cord to get in the way. I have used a variety of wireless mice (remember the AirMouse???), and while they were functional, they were never satisfactory for constant daily use. They would never be adequate for games or graphics.

Technology has improved greatly since then, and wireless devices are considerably more commonplace, so I would expect the current wireless mice to be much more responsive and reliable than their predecessors. While contemplating the possibility of a wireless mouse, a different drawback came to mind. How many times have I had to hunt for my TV remote control or cordless phone? Would I be willing to deal with this possibility for my mouse?

If Apple does indeed release a wireless mouse, I certainly hope that they also include additional software to provide a paging function. While I would hope that I would be smart enough to leave the mouse in its proper place, I would not hold the same expectations for my children, especially the 3-year-old. At least now, she stops walking away with the mouse when she hits the end of the cord, or at least the mouse stops.

MacSense announced their wireless mouse, the AeroMouse, so I checked the specifications. While there were some impressive options, such as the 900 MHz, scroll wheel, sleep mode, and 8 channels to avoid interference, it did not mention any paging function.

Then again, while I’m sure that Apple and MacSense aren’t planning on a large market for the replacement of lost mice, I’m also sure that they wouldn’t be too upset if they sold a lot of them either. Hey, that’s the price of technology, right?



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