Charitybuzz raises $100M will celebrate by ringing Black Friday bell

What’s happening: New York City-based Charitybuzz today announced it has raised $100 million for charity, and to celebrate the accomplishment, they’ll be ringing in Black Friday at the New York Stock Exchange later this week.

Why it’s of interest: This milestone proves that there’s real money to be made for nonprofit organizations by following Charitybuzz’s business model of auctioning memorable experiences to those who can afford them and giving 80 percent of the money to charities.


Business Marketing

Whether your home business involves selling a certain product or promoting services, your marketing plan first must have to create a need before customers can become interested in your business. Today, there are so many websites as well as brick and mortar businesses that offer similar if not the same products and services to your targeted audience. With the insane load of competition out there on the net, you’ll need a way to snag the online visitor quickly and create a sense of urgency to buy what it is you’re selling.

Marketing your home business, especially online, is more than building a website and promoting it. During times when that may be the bulk of where your customers go to, you must also do any market research to determine the type of customer you want to attract, how to get their attention and then how to covert them from being a visitor to your website to a buyer of your business. Know exactly what type of customer fits the product or service you’re selling. This can include demographics ranging anywhere from gender, age, location, income they make, the list goes on. The more targeted you are, the better.

A company without a website can use the internet in their home base marketing plan to educate potential customers about their products or services and why they are different among the rest. A benefit to having this is so when customers actually visit your business they have a sense of personalization. They know more about you and what they are looking for than the average customer off the street. In today’s age of the internet, it also gives your home business a degree of credibility; since the common thought it that all credible business has a website. So, if you don’t already have one, get one!

Home business marketing will also include different strategies that are required to attract visitors to your website and your business. Some of these strategies are search engine marketing, affiliate marketing and article marketing, which can make the business owner appear as an expert in the field of their business. When people search for info on the internet they are often directed to text-based articles on the subject and if your home based business can provide the info they are looking for, there is a better chance they will count on you to fill their needs. Ta-da! Credibility is established!

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